Show Me How to Say No to This

In early June, I went to New York with my cousin and her mom to go see a Beyonce concert and to catch a Broadway show. On the car ride there, they played the Hamilton soundtrack. I looked at my cousin like she was crazy as she sung every single word to every single song. It is incredible how she can remember lyrics like that. I can only remember a few lines of any song no matter how many times I listen to it. Anyway, my cousin and her mom were lucky enough to actually see Hamilton sometime last year before it got huge. I soon realized how catchy the songs were as I started whispering “seventeen seventy six” randomly throughout the New York trip.

The day after the Beyonce concert, we stood in line to be placed in a lottery to see Hamilton. It is free to enter, and you only pay $10 if your name is called. They have x amount of seats available and you tell them if you want one or two tickets. This is the best alternative since resale tickets are going for about $1000+. The seats are cheaper if you can buy the tickets as soon as they go on sale, but as  you would guess, they sell out quickly and people will then sell their tickets for 10 times the original value.

There were probably a thousand people in that line. Once you put your name in, you stay and watch “Ham 4 Ham”, which is when some of the performers will come out and do a little 4 minute show. Then afterwards they call out names. While waiting for the performers to come out, it started to rain and I brought absolutely nothing to shield myself from it. Luckily, there were so many people surrounding me that had umbrellas that they formed a ceiling across the crowd. Standing in that line and waiting for my name to be called I realized that I was really excited. I was excited about a show I really didn’t know much about, but all that energy surrounding me just really got me pumped about the whole ordeal. Unfortunately, my name wasn’t called, but I did get to see the Color Purple, which was really good and the actress playing Celie won Best Actress at the Tonys.

So guess what? I now have the Hamilton soundtrack on my Spotify and I listen to it almost every other day. I tried to get tickets for the musical next year when they went on sale, but I hesitated on the seats I wanted and they sold out just like that. I am kicking myself for not just picking any seat. I also bought the book that the musical was based on and I am excited to start reading it. I hate that I like Hamilton so much because I might never get to see the musical. I really hope they release it on DVD, but I guess that isn’t a thing that Broadway normally does. I highly recommend listening to the soundtrack because it is a cool way to get a history lesson about A.Hamiton.



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