Learn to Fly

Yesterday I went skydiving at No Limits Skydiving. It claims that is located in West Point, but I crossed the welcome sign to King & Queen County to get there. Anyway, it was such a great experience and I would definitely do it again. I went with my brother, who is sort of an adrenaline junkie, and some of his gym buddies. There were a total of 5 people jumping and the plane only takes two up at a time (technically four if you count the diving instructors). So, I ended up going by myself with the diving instructor, which was fine. I am kind of used to doing things by myself. I watch movies by myself, I play tennis against a wall by myself, I shop by myself, I eat by myself, but I digress.

I really liked the diving instructor I went tandem with. He did some vapes between jumps, which I found amusing and comforting. It was comforting because jumping out of a plane is such a normal thing to him that he takes smoking breaks like it is nothing. It is like when someone is trying to stop a bomb from going off, but is doing it while eating a turkey sandwich.

I thought when I got on the plane I would start to get scared, but I didn’t. I just calmly gazed out through the window looking at the Mattaponi River marveling at the sight of King William County from above. The instructor told me that the plane was built in the 1950s, but the engine gets updated quite often because it is regulation. So, that is code for we wouldn’t update the engine so gosh darn much if we didn’t have to. He also said that if the engine turns off, the plane acts like a glider, which is pretty cool.

Before you jump out of the plane, you have to kneel down so that the instructor can attach himself to your back. And you know what I just thought of? What if you became unattached to the instructor once you fall out of the plane? That didn’t cross my mind until now. Anyway, kneeling down was so uncomfortable because I am not flexible at all. I can’t really kneel and I can barely cross my legs. Once you are all strapped in, you have to put your right foot on this platform attached on the outside of the plane so that the instructor can fling you out. Then, you are free falling. The free falling was awesome and it was the best part of the jump. I didn’t feel my stomach drop or anything. Then the parachute opens and you are floating back to land. The instructor let me turn the parachute so that we were spinning around in circles in the air. Then we made a smooth landing in the grass. The whole thing went by pretty fast. It took maybe a total of 15 minutes.

The fact that I didn’t get nervous is interesting to me. I kept telling people that I would get nervous once I was on the plane, but I didn’t. I do enjoy plane rides, which might be the reason I was so relaxed. I even kept thinking that we weren’t even that high. I did close my eyes for two seconds when we jumped so I may have gotten scared then, but when I opened my eyes I was totally fine. Maybe I am closeted adrenaline junkie.

Below is a conversation I had with my mom about skydiving. I didn’t tell her about it until after I did it. My brother, Garrett, probably wouldn’t have told her at all. My oldest brother, Derek, is the good one. He tells her everything weeks in advance. The reason I ended up telling her because I wanted to post pics on Facebook and even though we aren’t Facebook friends I am Facebook friends with other family members, and they would have for sure talked to her about it. In regards to her comment about me driving a car, I drove on a flat tire for more than a mile, and a week or so after getting new tires, my battery died while I was driving the car.






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