Friendship Part 1: Friendship Tiers

I want to explore the topic of friendship because I have been thinking about it a lot lately. All friends are not treated equally. Tiers do exist. Let’s start from the bottom:

Work Friend/ School Friend/Workout Friend

This is the friend that you don’t hang out with outside a particular environment. Conversations are usually pretty light. They are not expected to be loyal to you, but if something goes down in the office, classroom, etc. you bet that they are the first people you reach out to.


This is someone you hangout with occasionally, but are not really that close to. When speaking to an acquaintance you say things like “we should totally catch up and get drinks” or “let’s meet up for dinner some time.” Many times these are just empty promises, but there are no hard feelings between the two parties. When you do meet up with the acquaintance, like with the work friend tier, conversation is pretty shallow. You have some shared interests like tv shows, movies, hobbies, and so on and you usually talk about just those things. Occasionally, you talk about personal things like plans you have for the weekend, but you never reveal too much.


Friends are the people you laugh and have fun with. Friends are usually down for anything and activities are conducted in groups. There are times you hang out with your friend one on one, but usually not for long periods of time. You text your friend about things you see or about random thoughts.You feel comfortable enough with them to ask for advice about certain things, but you wouldn’t ask them anything too crazy.

Close Friend

This is the type of friend that you feel comfortable spending one on one time with. You watch tv shows together, you go to movies together, you travel together, and so on. You introduce this friend to meet up with other close friends and family.  You are perfectly fine with talking about anything with this person. However, you wouldn’t tell this person all of your deepest and darkest secrets. There is an unsaid understanding that you are not each other’s best friend.

Best Friend

Your best friend is your ride or die. In some instances, you are so close with your best friend that you consider them family. This person knows a lot about you and knows most of your secrets. They can tell how you are feeling without you having to say a word. You can practically communicate with each other with your eyes.  You can both be in a room together and not feel the need to talk at all. Your best friend does not hold anything back and will tell you what is exactly on his or her mind. Also, it is important to note that you can have more than one best friend. I know that defeats the purpose of “best”, but different friends offer different things.

So, what tiers do your friends fall into?


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