New Fall TV Shows Review

A ton of new shows have come out this fall and I want to give a review of the new shows I have seen so far. Here is my rating system:

Gave Me Life: Fantastic show
It’s Aight: Not great, but I will keep watching
Hanging By A Thread: I will give it one more shot
Have Several Seats: This show is wack

The Good Place

This show is about a woman named Eleanor played by Kristen Bell who is mistakenly accepted into ‘The Good Place’. This show will probably not last more than one season because I don’t know how they can stretch out the story. I like the show though and I will probably keep watching as long as it is on. Plus, I am a fan of Kristen Bell so I do hope that this show isn’t a one (season) and done.

Rating: It’s Aight



This show is about Ginny who becomes the first female pitcher in the MLB. The first episode was pretty predictable, but I think it has a lot of potential and I like the concept. Also, Ginny’s relationship with her dad reminds me of how my dad was when I played sports. For softball, my dad made me practice at home after already having 2.5 hours of practice with my team. Also,  Mark-Paul Gosselaar who played Zack Morris in Saved by the Bell is in it, but is barely recognizable, which is good. I don’t want to see Zack every time I watch the show.

Rating: Gave Me Life


This Is Us

This show is about four people turning 36. Jack is a new father, Randall is looking for his father, Kate is dealing with weight issues, and Kevin is tired of his acting job. The show is both funny and serious. I didn’t watch that many episodes of Parenthood, but This Is Us has the same vibes as it. Honestly, the show had me at Milo Ventiglimia. Milo played Jess on Gilmore Girls and Jess is one of my favorite TV characters. Also, Mandy Moore is in this show, but I had no idea it was her until I looked at the cast list. And you know who else is in this show? Justin Hartley from Passions. Passions is probably the most ridiculous soap opera ever and of course I used to watch it.
Rating: Gave Me Life



This was a show that I didn’t plan on watching, but I did and it was pretty funny. It is about a family that has a teenager with cerebral palsy, a middle kid who acts older than he is, a daughter that is super athletic, a mom who is unapologetically aggressive, and a dad who is just a dad. It was surprisingly good. Like The Good Place, I don’t think it will last past season one, but I hope it does.

Rating: It’s Aight, but potential to Give Me Life



It is show about a news producer that shapes public opinion with the help from a criminal lawyer friend. I don’t know about this show. I feel like it tried too hard to be sexy, serious, and funny. But, I am intrigued enough to watch another episode.

Rating: Hanging By A Thread


Designated Survivor

When the president and other cabinet members are in one place, a Designated Survivor, usually a cabinet member, is off in an undisclosed place just in case something goes down. Well, this show is about something going down and the Designated Survivor becoming the president. I don’t typically like political dramas, and that is the only reason why I am meh about it.

Rating: Hanging By A Thread


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