I Am Thankful For…

No one likes to complain more than me. I channel my strength and power from complaining. However, a friend told me that I should be more positive. He said if I become more grateful about the things that I do have then I will have a better life or something like that. When he was talking to me about this, I could not have rolled my eyes any harder. But, what do I have to lose by being grateful, right? Sometimes I like to consider my ungratefulness as ambition because there is nothing wrong with wanting more. I do know that I am very fortunate and blessed to have the things I have. So, below is a list of things I am thankful for.

  1. For Great Parents: Shout to Momma and Daddy for always being there for me. They will do anything for me. The best example of this is when I locked my keys in my car when I was in graduate school at UVA. My parents had a spare key to my car so they drove an hour and a half to my school, rolled down the window to their car, unlocked my car without leaving their car, and drove back home. That’s love y’all.

2. For Being the Youngest Child: Thank goodness I am the youngest child. I never had to babysit and I am so thankful for that. My parents were also probably more relaxed with me than my brothers when it came to discipline. I am also thankful for having two chill older brothers.  I learned from their laid back demeanor even though I am considered to be the loudest and most opinionated person in the family. Yes y’all. I am the most talkative person in my family. Crazy, right?

3. For Growing Up in King William: King William taught me where I don’t want to live.

4. For Friends/Cousins: I am fortunate to have friends I have known since kindergarten, friends I met in college, and friends I met at work. Also, I am fortunate to have over 100 cousins, and I am close with a good chunk of them.

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5. For UVA: I almost didn’t go to UVA because I didn’t think I would fit in. Well guess what? I didn’t fit in, but I made a ton of friends and I was able to do cool stuff like go to concerts, shoot t-shirts out of a t-shirt gun, watch Obama speak, join a ton of clubs (breakdancing, ski/snowboarding, gymnastics, hip hop, volunteer), and watch D1 sports for free.

Also, at UVA I did this Red Bull competition with two other people for a chance to win a trip to Rio. We called ourselves Blazian Fusion for obvious reasons. For the competition, we had to make an original song with school supplies. We were the winning team at UVA, but didn’t get very far after that. We thought our song was great until we heard songs from other schools. It was obvious the other schools had percussionists competing (the girl in the video did play drums in high school). I did find our video, which you can watch below. I also included Ohio State’s video. I think they went pretty far in the competition and you can definitely tell the difference in skill level.



6. For a Job: Without a job, I would still be living at home with my parents. So, thanks RKG/RKG, a Merkle Company/Merkle|RKG/Merkle for hiring me. I couldn’t ask for a better work environment. The people are great and I love the casual dress code. Also, I have been able to travel all across the world because I now have money and the job offers unlimited PTO.

The only picture I have at my job was when my desk was decorated for my birthday. They wouldn’t let me grow old unnoticed.



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