Birthdays Are The Worst Days

I hate celebrating my birthday. It is not because I am getting older, but because I hate the attention. Also, the Happy Birthday song is one of my least favorite songs. There is the Black version of Happy Birthday that I do love. Anyway, you can hear the song below. This song was created by the great Stevie Wonder when he was trying to have the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. become a national holiday, which happened in 1983. Did you know in Virginia that MLK’s birthday was celebrated  along with the birthdays of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson until 2000? It was called Lee-Jackson-King Day. Like really Virginia? Really? Unfortunately, Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas still celebrate Lee and King’s birthday on the same day.


So, below I wanted to highlight birthday moments that I remember throughout my existence.

  • My 5th Birthday
    • This was a simple birthday. My mom invited some of my friends that lived across the street. They were never allowed in the house for some reason, but for my 5th birthday, and when their house caught on fire, they were allowed inside my house. All I remember really was hiding underneath the table when they started singing Happy Birthday.
  • My 6th Birthday
    • When I was in Kindergarten, my mom made homemade cupcakes for the class. However, there was another girl in my class who had the same birthday as me who also brought in cupcakes. Her cupcakes were from the store, but they were pretty and had little Barneys on them. Everyone in the class loved her cupcakes, and I remember a boy, I think his name was Christopher, telling me that her cupcakes were better than mine. Granted my mom’s cupcakes weren’t the prettiest, but she took the time to make those cupcakes. I was mad that they were trying to play my mom like that.
  • My 8th Birthday
    • I did pumpkin carving with some of my friends. Pumpkin carving was fun when I was younger, but it is not my jam now.
  • My 16th Birthday
    • I had a volleyball game that day. Did we win? Probably not. 
  • My 21st Birthday
    • I went to Tara Thai and had my first legal drink with my friends. They also threw me a 90s birthday party. I had enough to drink that I actually danced and everyone knows that dancing is not my favorite thing to do. It was a pretty good day, but parties are a lot of work. Probably will be my last birthday party.

  • My 22nd Birthday
    • I had a potluck at my 4th year house and then we went to the Glass Haus for some SHHO (Student Hip Hop Organization) party. One of my friends did an Irish Exit and I drove all over the place to find her because she wasn’t answering her phone. Luckily, she texted me the next morning, but I was so worried.

So, after my 22nd birthday I stopped doing things for my birthday. It is just better that way.

And if you all don’t understand the reference of the title to this blog, then you need to go back and read the blog about my top favorite songs.


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