Top 5: TV Couples

Romance in real life is so corny, but I love the genre when it comes to tv, movies, and books. It really doesn’t fit my personality since I am not an emotional person, so it is hard to explain why I like it.

I would like to make a disclaimer. Most, if not all, of these romances are not what I would want in real life. TRUST ME. Also, two of the couples are from soaps I no longer watch so don’t judge me.

5. EJ DiMera/Sami Brady – Days of Our Lives

These two characters are from the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives. You know the soap opera that starts off like this:

“Like sand through an hourglass, so are the days of our lives.”

EJ DiMera is the son of the evil Stefano DiMera. Stefano is the root of everyone’s problems in Salem where the soap opera takes place. Sami is the daughter of Marlena Evans and Roman Brady. What makes this romance so textbook is that the DiMeras and Bradys hate each other, so of course EJ and Sami can’t stand one another. They do eventually fall in love, but they never stop hating each other really. The clip below pretty much sums up their relationship in just a few seconds.


4. Sam McCall/Jason Morgan – General Hospital

Jason Morgan was in a car accident that caused him to lose his memory, and he felt like he no longer belonged with his upper crust family, the Quartermaines. He then becomes a hitman for Sonny Corinthos, the local crime boss. Sam McCall is a con artist who comes to town and becomes Sonny’s mistress. Jason doesn’t like Sam because Jason is very close to Sonny’s family and doesn’t like that Sam is a homewrecker. When the Sonny wants to work things our with his wife, Sam realizes that she is pregnant and Jason finds out. Jason pretends to be the father of the baby for the sake of  Sonny’s family. Everyone eventually finds out that Sonny is the father of the baby. However, through the whole pregnancy Sam lives with Jason and they start to fall in love.

This romance is not as bad as the previous couple, but Jason kills people for a living and everyone thinks it is okay. Sam has like no problems with it. She often claims that she doesn’t care about his lifestyle and blah blah blah, which is kind of messed up. I like them because they don’t try to change each other, but they probably should.


3. Dan Humphrey/Blair Waldorf – Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is about a bunch of rich kids who live in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Dan Humphrey is from Brooklyn and is considered an “outsider” and Blair Waldorf is a rich socialite. Now these two were not end game. They were actually only together for maybe a season. It was all about Blair/Chuck and Dan/Serena, but I hated those couples. Blair always had something snarky to say about Dan’s upbringing, and Dan believed that Blair was selfish and entitled. But, as they evolved outside of the high school scene, they grew to like each other. I wish they would have lasted longer because their relationship was actually somewhat healthy.

2. Carrie Bradshaw/Mr.Big – Sex and the City

Carrie is a writer in New York City and Mr. Big does some job that makes him insanely rich. Big is sort of a womanizer, but eventually Carrie gets him to finally change after several attempts. This on again off again relationship is appealing because……I don’t know. I really don’t know. Big sucks quite honestly and I would not want to date anyone like him in real life, but for some reason I root for those two.

The clip below is my favorite because Carrie brings Big McDonald’s. If McDonald’s is good enough for Carrie Bradshaw then it is good enough for me. Excuse the language in this clip even though we are all grown here.


1.Jess Mariano/Rory Gilmore – Gilmore Girls

Rory Gilmore lives in a small town called Stars Hollow with her single mom, Lorelei, who had Rory at 16. The show is mostly about their close relationship, but of course there were many romantic interests. Jess comes into Stars Hollow to live with his Uncle Luke who owns a diner in Stars Hollow. Jess is trouble, but Rory starts to really fall for him and is the reason she ends up breaking up with her boyfriend, Dean (Dean is the worst). This is one of the best Gilmore Girls episodes. They were intellectually similar, which was their appeal, but Jess couldn’t get his act together until later seasons. They dated for about a season and then Jess wanted to be stupid and they broke up before Rory graduated from high school.

I really like the character Jess because he develops and has all these different layers. In later seasons, you can see how much he has changed and grown. He even helps Rory get her act together when her life is in a rut.