Movie Review: La La Land

Note: I will try not to spoil the movie.

La La Land is a romantic-musical that stars Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. The movie is about a struggling actress and a struggling jazz musician trying it make it in their respective fields. Emma’s character, Mia, works at a movie studio coffee shop and is hoping to make it big as an actress, but it is starting to doubt herself as she gets rejected for numerous roles. Sebastian, played by Ryan Gosling, is a jazz pianist who wants to own his own jazz club, but does odd jobs, like playing 80’s cover music for parties, to pay the bills. Like in any romantic movie Mia and Sebastian have these “random” run ins and they start to fall in love.

Ryan and Emma worked together before in Crazy Stupid Love, which I adored, so I knew they would have chemistry in this movie, and I was not disappointed. They just seemed so natural together. Ryan and Emma’s acting was superb, but I would say Emma really stole the show. Her range of emotions is pretty on point. I feel like Ryan kind of plays the same character in a lot of his movies, but it works.

The movie is a musical, but they don’t sing every line like Les Miserables. The singing and dancing sequences are not that frequent so the movie is still worth seeing even if you are not into musicals. I really enjoyed the musical parts, but I love musicals. Ryan and Emma were surprisingly good at singing and dancing. Their singing didn’t blow you away, but they did a great job with the dancing. It was very fluid and it didn’t seem like they were counting the steps in their heads. Also, the colors in the movie were very vibrant and bright, and I liked how everything just popped off the screen.

Overall, great movie. The movie had a essence of “old hollywood”, but with a modern twist, which I found endearing.You know that strain you feel in your eyes when a tear is about to come out, but you are trying to hold it in because you are not about that crying life? That was my body telling me “dammit this movie is good.”

Grade: A



New Year’s Resolutions

Every year I make New Year’s resolutions and every year I never follow through. The idea of starting fresh is appealing, but I am pretty much setting myself up for disappointment because it is so easy to break self-promises.  However, I am optimistic about 2017. Trump being president kind of puts a damper on things, but I am trying to stay positive. So, below is my list of resolutions.

  • Read
    • I am not a reader, but I feel like I should be so I am going to attempt to read more. My mom reads so much, and I did not get that gene. If I really want to challenge myself I could make a resolution about completing one non-fiction book in 2017. I can’t tell you how many non-fiction books I have started and didn’t finish.
  • Lose Weight
    • The most popular of resolutions. This is a resolution I have made consistently probably since I started college and every year I do the complete opposite and gain like 10 pounds. I am going to really give it a good try in 2017 and maybe I can at least stay the same weight. My strategy for losing weight will be to eat less, which is always my strategy because I am too lazy to exercise.
  • Travel
    • This is a resolution that I can accomplish because I do this every year. I would love to travel internationally again though. This is weird, but one of the things I enjoy most about traveling is being on the plane. The longer the flight, the better. I love flying so much that I probably should have tried to become a pilot. Maybe I could take flying lessons, which could be another resolution.
  • Try To Be A Bum Less Often
    • This is will be one of the hardest resolutions to keep. I still wear shoes that have holes in them and my usually uniform is a t-shirt and jeans. My hair is usually in a ponytail and I don’t wear any makeup. I probably buy makeup once a year and never apply it to my face. One of my favorite places to be on Earth is on my couch in front of the TV eating Bagel Bites.
  • Date
    • I say this resolution begrudgingly. Why does dating suck you may ask? Let me count the ways:
      • 1) In most cases you have to spend time with a complete stranger that could have a strange addiction like eating lead paint chips, or is a psycho killer.
      • 2) You have to find things to talk about. I can’t exactly bring flashcards to a date. Could you imagine me in a date with my flashcards underneath the table saying, “So, uh (looks at flashcard because I am awful with names) John. If you had to name three people you can eat dinner with dead or alive who would it be?”
      • 3) You cannot be yourself. When you go on a date, you are pretty much putting on a front.
      • 4) You have totally wasted your time if you go on several dates with a guy who he ends up being  dud.
    • I kind of don’t mind the thought of staying on #teamforeveralone. Definitely would be less stressful. I just want someone I can watch TV with and who would give me food once in awhile. I could live with my parents to accomplish that. Let’s put this resolution in the ‘maybe’ pile.


Thoughts On Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

I watched the latest season of Gilmore Girls,and I don’t know how I feel about it. Did it feed into my nostalgia? Yes. It was great seeing all of the crazy characters of Stars Hollow again, and all of Rory’s old boyfriends. It was also nice to see that Lorelai and Luke ended up together. However, there were some parts that I could have done without and it fell short in some areas. It wasn’t great, but I still loved it and I really want another season.

Here are some other random thoughts about season 8 (major spoilers ahead):

  1. I feel like Luke seemed more “yell-y” and grumpy than he did previous seasons.
  2. Was it even worth bringing Dean on? Rory and Dean had like a 10 second conversation and that was it. They could have left him out. Same thing with Sookie.
  3. It took Lorelai and Luke 9 years to finally get married. It didn’t make sense to me that they weren’t married already, but I guess they wanted the viewers to the see the wedding.
  4. I wish Jess had more screen time. He was on there longer than Dean, but still they could have fleshed more things out about what is going on in his life.
  5. Rory please get it together. You are 32 years old, you have no career path, you are living at home with your mom, and you are having relations with an engaged Logan. Jess had to come and save the day again by suggesting that you write a book so that you could have some purpose in your life.
  6. Logan, Jess, and Dean, looking good.
  7. That whole hiking thing that Lorelai attempted was unnecessary. I know it was a plot point so that Lorelei could realize how much she loved her father and that she really wanted to marry Luke, but it just fell flat to me.
  8. The therapy suggestions were very much needed.
  9. The last four words. Definitely a shock factor. The creator of Gilmore Girls planned to have this be the last four words of the show originally before Netflix picked it up 9 years later. You want to think that they have to do another season now, but it that is how she originally planned to end the series so I can see that being the end of Gilmore Girls. I know the creator wanted the series to come full circle, but is too on the nose.
  10. Paris was so funny. Since the actress that plays Paris is on How To Get Away With Murder, which is such a serious role, I didn’t think she could channel Paris again, but she did.
  11. Emily Gilmore in a t-shirt and jeans looked so unnatural, but I was about it. Also, I missed that Emily didn’t have a new maid every time Lorelei and/or Rory visited.
  12. I am all about the Stars Hollow musical.
  13. Enough with the Conde Nast.
  14. I can’t believe Rory went into an interview unprepared. Just because they really wanted you doesn’t mean you go in there knowing nothing about the company. It felt so unlike Rory who is usually so prepared.
  15. The way Jess looked at Rory through that window. Awwwwwww. If they have another season please give Jess and Rory another chance.

Thoughts On Gilmore Girls: Seasons 1-7

To prepare myself for the new season of Gilmore Girls, I re-watched all 7 of the previous seasons. I started re-watching the episodes on October 30th so I had to watch 154 episodes in  26 days. That is 6 episodes a day and I did it with some days to spare. I wish I had that type of determination in other facets of my life.Anyway,  I just wanted to go over thoughts I had before and after re-watching the show.

Before: Dean is the worst
After: Dean is still the worst, but he didn’t start off that way

Dean was Rory’s first boyfriend and when he first came to the scene he wasn’t as dumb as they made him out to be in later seasons. I forgot that he actually came from Chicago and that he was a little edgy. He still ended up being the worst though. He like flipped out on Rory when he confessed his love for her and she didn’t say it back. He also dropped out of college and cheated on his wife. Dean did build Rory a car, but that was just too much and borderline creepy.

Before: Jess is not a jerk, he is just misunderstood
After: Jess is a jerk, but he grew up to be a better person and I like him more now than I did before

Jess came to Stars Hollow after his mom couldn’t handle him anymore and she sent him to live with his Uncle Luke. He was a troubled kid, but I didn’t realize before how much of a moody teenager he was. Re-watching the first few episodes he was in I was like “yikes, I am going to end up hating this person.” But, I soon realized that the reason I liked Jess so much was because of his interactions with Rory and how much they had in common. He softened up around her. Also, he went from being hostile toward Luke to actually opening up to him and allowing himself to let his guard down around him. He was one of the very few characters that had some character development as he actually grew up to make something of himself even though he made terrible decisions as a teenager.

Before: I don’t remember Marty being on the show
After: Poor Marty. I will never forget you

I don’t remember anything about Marty before re-watching the show. Marty was a guy that Rory met first year in Yale before she met Logan. Marty was so sweet and was so in love with Rory, but Rory only saw him as a friend. He was friend zoned so hard and I felt so bad for him. Rory was just all about Logan. Nice boys have no place in Gilmore Girls or any show really, which is kind of sad.

Before: I can’t stand Logan. He was so arrogant and didn’t really care for Rory
After: Logan is actually not that bad, and he treated Rory pretty well

Logan was Rory’s boyfriend when she was in Yale. Logan’s family was super rich, and Logan really did show his privilege every second of the show (ex. “We can stay at my family’s home in [insert location]”, “I can buy [insert object of desire] for you, “You can take my personal driver for the day). He slacked off a lot in school and often did rich boy shenanigans. After watching the episodes again, I realized he really did love Rory. I used to think that he cheated on Rory, but he actually didn’t. Rory thought they were on a “break”, but Logan thought they were over and I am on Logan’s side on this one. They appeared broken up to me. Also, Logan let her stay at his apartment when he was away in London rent free, treated her to really nice dates and things, and he tried to fit in when he visited Rory in Stars Hollow. He would do absolutely anything for Rory and I didn’t realize that before.

Before: I can’t stand April. She is the reason why Luke and Lorelai broke up
After: April is actually not that bad

April is Luke’s daughter that he didn’t know about for 12 years.  Luke wouldn’t let Lorelai get close to April because of concerns from April’s mother. This caused a rift. However, what I realized after watching the show again is that Lorelai doesn’t really communicate her displeasure of Luke not letting her get close to his daughter, so Luke has no idea how she is feeling.

Also, April herself wasn’t that bad for the following reasons:

  1. She never said anything bad about Lorelai.
  2. She wasn’t on that many episodes.
  3. She loved helping Luke around the diner.
  4. She had barely any bratty moments for a 12/13 year old.

Before: Rory can do wrong
After: Dang Rory you kind of suck

I used to think that Rory could do no wrong and even though she made terrible life decisions. Now, I realize that she isn’t that great. Everyone in her life hypes her up so much that she believes that she cannot fail, and when she does she can’t handle it and totally goes off the deep end. I don’t dislike Rory and I will always root for her success, but dang girl do better. Here a list of bad decisions made by Rory:

  1. Being hung up on Jess when she was still with Dean
    1. She pretty much should have broken up with Dean as soon as she realized she had feelings for Jess, but she just dragged it on until Dean had to break up with her in front of everybody. Embarrassing.
  2. Being Dean’s mistress
    1. These were dark days. Dean was never over Rory, which is why it was so easy for him to cheat on his wife. And I don’t really get Rory’s reasoning behind having an affair with a married Dean. It was a situation that made me feel icky about the both of them.
  3. Stealing a boat, dropping out of Yale, not speaking to her mom, living with her grandparents, and joining the DAR
    1. This all stemmed from Logan’s dad saying that she doesn’t have what it takes to be a journalist and she flips out. She gets Logan to help her steal a yacht, and they end up going to jail. Rory decides to drop out of Yale because one person told her she wouldn’t be a good journalist and her mom is rightfully mad at her about it. Rory decides to stop talking to her mom and move in with her grandparents who coddle her. She joins the Daughters of the American Revolution, which is some sort of uppity social club. She only snaps out of it when Jess comes back and tells her how dumb she is being.

Before and After: Wow, Lorelai I can’t believe you did that to Luke

The way Lorelai ended up marrying Christopher was even grimier than I remembered. After Lorelai insisted that her and Luke get married, Luke’s hesitation drove Lorelai to the arms of Christopher, Rory’s dad. And poor Luke goes to talk to Lorelai a few days later and tells her that he wants to marry her and that they should elope right then and there. To stop Luke from talking about them getting married, Lorelai confesses that she slept with Christopher. What made it worse was that she ended up marrying Christopher (they later get a divorce), which was cold-blooded.