Thoughts On Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

I watched the latest season of Gilmore Girls,and I don’t know how I feel about it. Did it feed into my nostalgia? Yes. It was great seeing all of the crazy characters of Stars Hollow again, and all of Rory’s old boyfriends. It was also nice to see that Lorelai and Luke ended up together. However, there were some parts that I could have done without and it fell short in some areas. It wasn’t great, but I still loved it and I really want another season.

Here are some other random thoughts about season 8 (major spoilers ahead):

  1. I feel like Luke seemed more “yell-y” and grumpy than he did previous seasons.
  2. Was it even worth bringing Dean on? Rory and Dean had like a 10 second conversation and that was it. They could have left him out. Same thing with Sookie.
  3. It took Lorelai and Luke 9 years to finally get married. It didn’t make sense to me that they weren’t married already, but I guess they wanted the viewers to the see the wedding.
  4. I wish Jess had more screen time. He was on there longer than Dean, but still they could have fleshed more things out about what is going on in his life.
  5. Rory please get it together. You are 32 years old, you have no career path, you are living at home with your mom, and you are having relations with an engaged Logan. Jess had to come and save the day again by suggesting that you write a book so that you could have some purpose in your life.
  6. Logan, Jess, and Dean, looking good.
  7. That whole hiking thing that Lorelai attempted was unnecessary. I know it was a plot point so that Lorelei could realize how much she loved her father and that she really wanted to marry Luke, but it just fell flat to me.
  8. The therapy suggestions were very much needed.
  9. The last four words. Definitely a shock factor. The creator of Gilmore Girls planned to have this be the last four words of the show originally before Netflix picked it up 9 years later. You want to think that they have to do another season now, but it that is how she originally planned to end the series so I can see that being the end of Gilmore Girls. I know the creator wanted the series to come full circle, but is too on the nose.
  10. Paris was so funny. Since the actress that plays Paris is on How To Get Away With Murder, which is such a serious role, I didn’t think she could channel Paris again, but she did.
  11. Emily Gilmore in a t-shirt and jeans looked so unnatural, but I was about it. Also, I missed that Emily didn’t have a new maid every time Lorelei and/or Rory visited.
  12. I am all about the Stars Hollow musical.
  13. Enough with the Conde Nast.
  14. I can’t believe Rory went into an interview unprepared. Just because they really wanted you doesn’t mean you go in there knowing nothing about the company. It felt so unlike Rory who is usually so prepared.
  15. The way Jess looked at Rory through that window. Awwwwwww. If they have another season please give Jess and Rory another chance.

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