Movie Review: La La Land

Note: I will try not to spoil the movie.

La La Land is a romantic-musical that stars Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. The movie is about a struggling actress and a struggling jazz musician trying it make it in their respective fields. Emma’s character, Mia, works at a movie studio coffee shop and is hoping to make it big as an actress, but it is starting to doubt herself as she gets rejected for numerous roles. Sebastian, played by Ryan Gosling, is a jazz pianist who wants to own his own jazz club, but does odd jobs, like playing 80’s cover music for parties, to pay the bills. Like in any romantic movie Mia and Sebastian have these “random” run ins and they start to fall in love.

Ryan and Emma worked together before in Crazy Stupid Love, which I adored, so I knew they would have chemistry in this movie, and I was not disappointed. They just seemed so natural together. Ryan and Emma’s acting was superb, but I would say Emma really stole the show. Her range of emotions is pretty on point. I feel like Ryan kind of plays the same character in a lot of his movies, but it works.

The movie is a musical, but they don’t sing every line like Les Miserables. The singing and dancing sequences are not that frequent so the movie is still worth seeing even if you are not into musicals. I really enjoyed the musical parts, but I love musicals. Ryan and Emma were surprisingly good at singing and dancing. Their singing didn’t blow you away, but they did a great job with the dancing. It was very fluid and it didn’t seem like they were counting the steps in their heads. Also, the colors in the movie were very vibrant and bright, and I liked how everything just popped off the screen.

Overall, great movie. The movie had a essence of “old hollywood”, but with a modern twist, which I found endearing.You know that strain you feel in your eyes when a tear is about to come out, but you are trying to hold it in because you are not about that crying life? That was my body telling me “dammit this movie is good.”

Grade: A



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