Where I Come From

I was born and raised in King William, VA. When I talk about King William, I am not talking about West Point which is a small town at the tip of King William County. West Point has a paper plant so that area is way more developed than the rest of the county. I just wanted to make that little disclaimer.


King William is a very rural place. We didn’t have a grocery store until I was in the fifth grade and when we did get a grocery store we threw a celebration (we also got a water tower around the same time). Also, we probably only have about two or three stoplights. There is never traffic in King William unless you get stuck behind a tractor.


This is our busiest intersection

The cool think about King William is that most of the people you graduate with are people you have known since kindergarten. My high school graduation class size was only 130 and I probably knew every single person I graduated with. When new kids came to King William, I was super fascinated because I didn’t understand why anyone in their right mind would want to move here. I mean King William is better than some of the other surrounding counties because it is close to Richmond aka civilization.

King William is kind of beautiful. The stars at night are so bright because there is no light pollution. Also, there are deer everywhere. It is cool when they are chilling in your front yard, but when you are driving at night and they pop out of nowhere then it is not so cool. I am surprised I haven’t hit a deer yet. Also, King William in the fall is gorgeous because there are so many trees.

A not so great thing about King William is that there are Confederate flags everywhere and people will claim that it has historical significance, but let’s be real. Also, when the Tea Party was a thing you would see Tea Party signs everywhere. Sure these folks will smile in your face, even make you believe that they are your friend, but don’t be fooled. I will never say that people in King William are not friendly and that they won’t take care of you, but many folks in King William can be pretty racist.The biggest racial issue in King William is interracial dating. That is a serious “no no” for some families, which is absurd.

King William is the type of place I knew that I didn’t want to get stuck in. Going to UVA opened me up to a world that I didn’t get to experience in King William. I interacted with people from different cultures, I ate food that I never had like Thai, I went to sporting events and concerts, and I made really close friends. King William is a safe place and I understand why people like it there. You could probably live your whole life never having to lock your door because either your neighbor lives a mile away or, if you live in a subdivision, you know everyone in the neighborhood. However, you are not exposed to much in King William.

My parents love King William. They still go to all the sporting events and our neighbors are pretty awesome I do have to say. Now that I think about it, I had a pretty great childhood in King William. All the neighborhood kids would come to house to play Hide and Seek or King of the Hill. We had so many toys to play with, and we played a sport every season. I couldn’t ask for a better childhood. But, King William has too many problems for me to ever want to live there. Here are some reasons.

  • The only fast food places in King William are Burger King, which is attached to a gas station, and Subway. There has been talks of a Bojangles.
  • There is not a place to buy clothes unless you buy your clothes from the Family Dollar or Dollar General. I don’t know why we have both.
  • There is nothing to do there. There is no form of entertainment whatsoever unless you like mud bogging. King William has no movie theater, no skating rink, no shopping center, nothing.
  • Did I mention the whole Confederate flag, Tea Party thing?

I Hate ‘The Bachelor’ But I Keep Watching

I loathe ‘The Bachelor’/’The Bachelorette’. I started watching for real during Juan Pablo’s season and he was just an awful human being. And you would think I would stop watching after that. Nope. I always get sucked back in.

Let me tell you why I hate this show:

  • Girls/guys are expected to fall in love with someone within weeks and they barely hang out with each other. You might get at most 4 one on one dates and then boom you are engaged. Why do you have to get engaged at the end? There is nothing wrong with wanting to get to know someone before proposing to them. It is actually want people in the real world do.
  • The gimmicks when they get out of the limo are so ridiculous. It makes me cringe. I get that you are trying to be memorable, but dang it’s too much sometimes.


  • The conversation between the bachelor/bachelorette and the contestants are so shallow. They don’t really talk about anything meaningful.
  • I mean can we get a bachelor/bachelorette who isn’t white? Juan Pablo was probably the most ethnic they have gone. People of color deserve to find love too. Also, a large majority of the winners are not people of color. Sean Lowe’s wife, Catherine, is probably the only exception since she is part Filipino. It is 2017, let’s make some changes. It is kind of sad that it is considered ‘bold’ to have someone of color be the bachelor/bachelorette. It shouldn’t be bold, it should be normal.

  • The contestant should know that this man/woman is not your boyfriend/girlfriend. Y’all are just dating. It is not exclusive at all. So you go from dating to engaged. You skip the whole boyfriend/girlfriend part. The term boyfriend or girlfriend should never leave anyone’s lips.

  • It is so weird when the contestants comfort each other. That person is dating the same person you are dating and you are trying to comfort them? That don’t make a lick of sense.

So, why do I watch this show? I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. I love romance, but only in the fictional sense. Romance in real life is kind of corny and this show is corny as all get out. I guess I like to be a part of the conversation since a lot of people watch this show. Also, I kind of like the dates because of how ridiculous they are. But what really pulls me in are the promos for the next episode. Whoever edits that stuff is a genius.


Movie Review: Moonlight

Note: No Spoilers

The movie tells the story of a young man named Chiron growing up in Miami and dealing with his own sexuality. The story is told in three parts: Chiron as a boy, Chiron as a teenager, and Chiron as an adult. The movie explores themes such as drugs, violence, family, masculinity, and sexuality.

There are several seasons why I should like this movie. The actors, and the characters they portrayed, were fantastic. Everything seemed so natural and believable. My favorite character in the movie was Juan because there were so many layers to him and he really was the best part of the movie. Also, the music was really good. However, for some reason I didn’t feel anything. I thought I was going to be boo-hooing at the end of this movie and I was just like ‘meh’. I actually dozed off for a minute during one scene. This movie received  98% on Rotten Tomatoes and it has received nothing but positive reviews. But, for some reason I just thought the movie was okay. I think what was missing for me was that I wanted more dialogue. Chiron doesn’t talk much. It is part of his character, but it is also frustrating. I just thought so much more could have been said. Also, things were never explained. The movie had so many unanswered questions.

I will say that Moonlight is 10x better than Boyhood. Boyhood is one of my least favorite movies. Boyhood had no story really. Yeah it is cool the movie was filmed in 12 years using the same characters, but that was the only interesting part about it. That was the first time I watched a movie and wanted 2 hours of my life back. The 2nd time was when I watched  Independence Day 2.

I say that the movie is definitely worth watching. It is well made, the acting is fantastic, and the story is interesting. It just isn’t a movie I would watch again.

Grade: B