I Hate ‘The Bachelor’ But I Keep Watching

I loathe ‘The Bachelor’/’The Bachelorette’. I started watching for real during Juan Pablo’s season and he was just an awful human being. And you would think I would stop watching after that. Nope. I always get sucked back in.

Let me tell you why I hate this show:

  • Girls/guys are expected to fall in love with someone within weeks and they barely hang out with each other. You might get at most 4 one on one dates and then boom you are engaged. Why do you have to get engaged at the end? There is nothing wrong with wanting to get to know someone before proposing to them. It is actually want people in the real world do.
  • The gimmicks when they get out of the limo are so ridiculous. It makes me cringe. I get that you are trying to be memorable, but dang it’s too much sometimes.


  • The conversation between the bachelor/bachelorette and the contestants are so shallow. They don’t really talk about anything meaningful.
  • I mean can we get a bachelor/bachelorette who isn’t white? Juan Pablo was probably the most ethnic they have gone. People of color deserve to find love too. Also, a large majority of the winners are not people of color. Sean Lowe’s wife, Catherine, is probably the only exception since she is part Filipino. It is 2017, let’s make some changes. It is kind of sad that it is considered ‘bold’ to have someone of color be the bachelor/bachelorette. It shouldn’t be bold, it should be normal.

  • The contestant should know that this man/woman is not your boyfriend/girlfriend. Y’all are just dating. It is not exclusive at all. So you go from dating to engaged. You skip the whole boyfriend/girlfriend part. The term boyfriend or girlfriend should never leave anyone’s lips.

  • It is so weird when the contestants comfort each other. That person is dating the same person you are dating and you are trying to comfort them? That don’t make a lick of sense.

So, why do I watch this show? I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. I love romance, but only in the fictional sense. Romance in real life is kind of corny and this show is corny as all get out. I guess I like to be a part of the conversation since a lot of people watch this show. Also, I kind of like the dates because of how ridiculous they are. But what really pulls me in are the promos for the next episode. Whoever edits that stuff is a genius.



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