Friendship Part 4: Just One of the Guys

Let’s talk about Ariana Madix from Vanderpump Rules. If you have not seen Vanderpump Rules and it is a critically acclaimed show on Bravo and it is about the lives of servers at a restaurant in California called Sur owned by Lisa Vanderpump. Below is a trailer to give you an idea of what the show is about. The trailer does not show Ariana since she came on the show later.


Anyway, Ariana mostly hangs out with the guys on the show because she does not get along with most of the girls. Granted a lot of the girls on the show are pretty awful, especially Stassi and Kristen. Ariana is probably one of the most tolerable people on the show because she is pretty chill compared to the other girls who are always yelling at each other. Also, she is one of the groomsmen for Schwartz wedding, which is pretty awesome.


Ariana has the blonde top bun

Watching Ariana’s interactions with the guys and the girls on the show raised some questions for me regarding being a “guy’s girl”.

What makes a woman a “guy’s girl”?

I am no expert, but the most obvious characteristic is that she has more guy friends than girl friends. I looked online to see what I could find about this subject and Urban Dictionary, which is such a great academic source, gave me the following definition of a guy’s girl:

That great girl who can just chill and be ‘one of the guys’. She’s into sports, beer, action flicks and doesn’t give a damn what others think.
However, unlike the tomboy, she has her gang of girl mates who she shops with and does girly stuff.
When attractive, this girl is mysterious and elusive. Acts aloof and gives off the ‘cool girl’ aura, like she’s very aware of both guys’ and girls’ worlds.

Oh, of course Buzzfeed has an article about this subject as well. And for good measure here is another article.

I really don’t like the answers from the articles. They make pretty broad generalizations about what guys like. I think it is important to note that every situation is different. You don’t have to like sports and/or drink beer to be a guy’s girl because not all guys like that stuff.

I would not consider myself a guy’s girl because I have more friends that are women than I do that are men. Simple as that. I do fit into the stereotype. I was a tom boy growing up, I have two older brothers, I like/play sports, and I am really laid back, but like I said before just because I check the boxes doesn’t mean guys are banging on my door to be their friend.

Is it cooler to have more guy friends than girl friends?

I used to think so, but not anymore. In college, I did try to gather up some guy friends, but that didn’t work out. They just didn’t “stick.” You then realize the people who had your back the whole time were your girls and that’s pretty cool.


Do guy’s girls not get along with other women?

There might be cases where a guy’s girl will say, “I don’t really get along with other women.” Once she makes that statement she is closing her mind. She may have experienced women not liking her because those women were significant others of the guys she was hanging out with, or she feels like she doesn’t share the same interests of other women without getting to know them better. Everyone is not the same. Just because you like beer and sports doesn’t mean there aren’t other women who like the same things.

Final Thoughts

I think it is important to have friends who are of different sex, race, and sexual orientation because it opens your mind to other thoughts and opinions. However, if you have more guy friends than girl friends, that’s great. If you have have more girl friends than guy friends that is also great. Just live your best life. Surround yourself with friends that you can have adventures with, that can make you laugh, that are there for you when you need to cry, and that you can be completely honest with.

I think I am done with the Friendship Series, so I will end it with a slideshow of my friends. If you are my friend, but not on this slideshow that just means I couldn’t find a pic on Facebook.  Some of them include my cousins and brothers, but who says they can’t be your friends too. Also, I shouldn’t have went back so far because I saw a skinnier Brandy and I miss her dearly.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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