Thoughts On Gilmore Girls: Seasons 1-7

To prepare myself for the new season of Gilmore Girls, I re-watched all 7 of the previous seasons. I started re-watching the episodes on October 30th so I had to watch 154 episodes in  26 days. That is 6 episodes a day and I did it with some days to spare. I wish I had that type of determination in other facets of my life.Anyway,  I just wanted to go over thoughts I had before and after re-watching the show.

Before: Dean is the worst
After: Dean is still the worst, but he didn’t start off that way

Dean was Rory’s first boyfriend and when he first came to the scene he wasn’t as dumb as they made him out to be in later seasons. I forgot that he actually came from Chicago and that he was a little edgy. He still ended up being the worst though. He like flipped out on Rory when he confessed his love for her and she didn’t say it back. He also dropped out of college and cheated on his wife. Dean did build Rory a car, but that was just too much and borderline creepy.

Before: Jess is not a jerk, he is just misunderstood
After: Jess is a jerk, but he grew up to be a better person and I like him more now than I did before

Jess came to Stars Hollow after his mom couldn’t handle him anymore and she sent him to live with his Uncle Luke. He was a troubled kid, but I didn’t realize before how much of a moody teenager he was. Re-watching the first few episodes he was in I was like “yikes, I am going to end up hating this person.” But, I soon realized that the reason I liked Jess so much was because of his interactions with Rory and how much they had in common. He softened up around her. Also, he went from being hostile toward Luke to actually opening up to him and allowing himself to let his guard down around him. He was one of the very few characters that had some character development as he actually grew up to make something of himself even though he made terrible decisions as a teenager.

Before: I don’t remember Marty being on the show
After: Poor Marty. I will never forget you

I don’t remember anything about Marty before re-watching the show. Marty was a guy that Rory met first year in Yale before she met Logan. Marty was so sweet and was so in love with Rory, but Rory only saw him as a friend. He was friend zoned so hard and I felt so bad for him. Rory was just all about Logan. Nice boys have no place in Gilmore Girls or any show really, which is kind of sad.

Before: I can’t stand Logan. He was so arrogant and didn’t really care for Rory
After: Logan is actually not that bad, and he treated Rory pretty well

Logan was Rory’s boyfriend when she was in Yale. Logan’s family was super rich, and Logan really did show his privilege every second of the show (ex. “We can stay at my family’s home in [insert location]”, “I can buy [insert object of desire] for you, “You can take my personal driver for the day). He slacked off a lot in school and often did rich boy shenanigans. After watching the episodes again, I realized he really did love Rory. I used to think that he cheated on Rory, but he actually didn’t. Rory thought they were on a “break”, but Logan thought they were over and I am on Logan’s side on this one. They appeared broken up to me. Also, Logan let her stay at his apartment when he was away in London rent free, treated her to really nice dates and things, and he tried to fit in when he visited Rory in Stars Hollow. He would do absolutely anything for Rory and I didn’t realize that before.

Before: I can’t stand April. She is the reason why Luke and Lorelai broke up
After: April is actually not that bad

April is Luke’s daughter that he didn’t know about for 12 years.  Luke wouldn’t let Lorelai get close to April because of concerns from April’s mother. This caused a rift. However, what I realized after watching the show again is that Lorelai doesn’t really communicate her displeasure of Luke not letting her get close to his daughter, so Luke has no idea how she is feeling.

Also, April herself wasn’t that bad for the following reasons:

  1. She never said anything bad about Lorelai.
  2. She wasn’t on that many episodes.
  3. She loved helping Luke around the diner.
  4. She had barely any bratty moments for a 12/13 year old.

Before: Rory can do wrong
After: Dang Rory you kind of suck

I used to think that Rory could do no wrong and even though she made terrible life decisions. Now, I realize that she isn’t that great. Everyone in her life hypes her up so much that she believes that she cannot fail, and when she does she can’t handle it and totally goes off the deep end. I don’t dislike Rory and I will always root for her success, but dang girl do better. Here a list of bad decisions made by Rory:

  1. Being hung up on Jess when she was still with Dean
    1. She pretty much should have broken up with Dean as soon as she realized she had feelings for Jess, but she just dragged it on until Dean had to break up with her in front of everybody. Embarrassing.
  2. Being Dean’s mistress
    1. These were dark days. Dean was never over Rory, which is why it was so easy for him to cheat on his wife. And I don’t really get Rory’s reasoning behind having an affair with a married Dean. It was a situation that made me feel icky about the both of them.
  3. Stealing a boat, dropping out of Yale, not speaking to her mom, living with her grandparents, and joining the DAR
    1. This all stemmed from Logan’s dad saying that she doesn’t have what it takes to be a journalist and she flips out. She gets Logan to help her steal a yacht, and they end up going to jail. Rory decides to drop out of Yale because one person told her she wouldn’t be a good journalist and her mom is rightfully mad at her about it. Rory decides to stop talking to her mom and move in with her grandparents who coddle her. She joins the Daughters of the American Revolution, which is some sort of uppity social club. She only snaps out of it when Jess comes back and tells her how dumb she is being.

Before and After: Wow, Lorelai I can’t believe you did that to Luke

The way Lorelai ended up marrying Christopher was even grimier than I remembered. After Lorelai insisted that her and Luke get married, Luke’s hesitation drove Lorelai to the arms of Christopher, Rory’s dad. And poor Luke goes to talk to Lorelai a few days later and tells her that he wants to marry her and that they should elope right then and there. To stop Luke from talking about them getting married, Lorelai confesses that she slept with Christopher. What made it worse was that she ended up marrying Christopher (they later get a divorce), which was cold-blooded.


Top 5: TV Couples

Romance in real life is so corny, but I love the genre when it comes to tv, movies, and books. It really doesn’t fit my personality since I am not an emotional person, so it is hard to explain why I like it.

I would like to make a disclaimer. Most, if not all, of these romances are not what I would want in real life. TRUST ME. Also, two of the couples are from soaps I no longer watch so don’t judge me.

5. EJ DiMera/Sami Brady – Days of Our Lives

These two characters are from the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives. You know the soap opera that starts off like this:

“Like sand through an hourglass, so are the days of our lives.”

EJ DiMera is the son of the evil Stefano DiMera. Stefano is the root of everyone’s problems in Salem where the soap opera takes place. Sami is the daughter of Marlena Evans and Roman Brady. What makes this romance so textbook is that the DiMeras and Bradys hate each other, so of course EJ and Sami can’t stand one another. They do eventually fall in love, but they never stop hating each other really. The clip below pretty much sums up their relationship in just a few seconds.


4. Sam McCall/Jason Morgan – General Hospital

Jason Morgan was in a car accident that caused him to lose his memory, and he felt like he no longer belonged with his upper crust family, the Quartermaines. He then becomes a hitman for Sonny Corinthos, the local crime boss. Sam McCall is a con artist who comes to town and becomes Sonny’s mistress. Jason doesn’t like Sam because Jason is very close to Sonny’s family and doesn’t like that Sam is a homewrecker. When the Sonny wants to work things our with his wife, Sam realizes that she is pregnant and Jason finds out. Jason pretends to be the father of the baby for the sake of  Sonny’s family. Everyone eventually finds out that Sonny is the father of the baby. However, through the whole pregnancy Sam lives with Jason and they start to fall in love.

This romance is not as bad as the previous couple, but Jason kills people for a living and everyone thinks it is okay. Sam has like no problems with it. She often claims that she doesn’t care about his lifestyle and blah blah blah, which is kind of messed up. I like them because they don’t try to change each other, but they probably should.


3. Dan Humphrey/Blair Waldorf – Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is about a bunch of rich kids who live in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Dan Humphrey is from Brooklyn and is considered an “outsider” and Blair Waldorf is a rich socialite. Now these two were not end game. They were actually only together for maybe a season. It was all about Blair/Chuck and Dan/Serena, but I hated those couples. Blair always had something snarky to say about Dan’s upbringing, and Dan believed that Blair was selfish and entitled. But, as they evolved outside of the high school scene, they grew to like each other. I wish they would have lasted longer because their relationship was actually somewhat healthy.

2. Carrie Bradshaw/Mr.Big – Sex and the City

Carrie is a writer in New York City and Mr. Big does some job that makes him insanely rich. Big is sort of a womanizer, but eventually Carrie gets him to finally change after several attempts. This on again off again relationship is appealing because……I don’t know. I really don’t know. Big sucks quite honestly and I would not want to date anyone like him in real life, but for some reason I root for those two.

The clip below is my favorite because Carrie brings Big McDonald’s. If McDonald’s is good enough for Carrie Bradshaw then it is good enough for me. Excuse the language in this clip even though we are all grown here.


1.Jess Mariano/Rory Gilmore – Gilmore Girls

Rory Gilmore lives in a small town called Stars Hollow with her single mom, Lorelei, who had Rory at 16. The show is mostly about their close relationship, but of course there were many romantic interests. Jess comes into Stars Hollow to live with his Uncle Luke who owns a diner in Stars Hollow. Jess is trouble, but Rory starts to really fall for him and is the reason she ends up breaking up with her boyfriend, Dean (Dean is the worst). This is one of the best Gilmore Girls episodes. They were intellectually similar, which was their appeal, but Jess couldn’t get his act together until later seasons. They dated for about a season and then Jess wanted to be stupid and they broke up before Rory graduated from high school.

I really like the character Jess because he develops and has all these different layers. In later seasons, you can see how much he has changed and grown. He even helps Rory get her act together when her life is in a rut.




Top 10: Movies

I consider a film my favorite movie when I can watch it several times and never get tired of it. Movies on this list will not be cinema classics by any means except for maybe a few. I like well-made movies, but it is hard for me to watch them again because you already know the twist, it is too emotionally exhausting,  or it is just too dang long (one movie on this list is a pretty long movie).

Some of the clips contain spoilers so watch at you own risk.

10. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie

I love the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. When I was younger, my aunt gave me a doll for Christmas and gave my brother a beautiful red Power Rangers action figure. I raised so much hell. “Why does he get that and I get a doll?” “I love the Power Rangers more than him.” My aunt has given me cash for Christmas ever since. Anyway, what makes this movie so great?

The movie is about a villain named Ivan Ooze who is trying to take over the world and he can only be stopped by the Power Rangers. This movie has action, drama, and romance. I would rather watch this movie over Citizen Kane any day. And, a remake is coming out next year and you best believe I will be in the theater as soon as it comes out.


2017 Trailer


9. The Back Up Plan

Remember when Jennifer Lopez acted in a ton of movies? Well, only like a handful of them were actually good. This movie was one of them. The Back Up Plan is about a single woman who decides to get artificially inseminated because she wants to have a kid. Well it ends up she is having twins and she ends up meeting the love of her life. He falls in love with her before she tells him she is pregnant and it is just them trying to figure it all out.


8. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

This movie is so stupid that it is funny. It is Will Ferrell’s finest piece. It is about a race car drive named Ricky Bobby who has a new rival, a French Formula One driver played by Sacha Baron Cohen.

“If you’re not first, you’re last.”


7. Breaking Dawn Part 1

So, Twilight is my guilty pleasure. I know that it is garbage, but I really like this garbage. This movie (the fourth of the five movies) is about Bella having a baby by Edward, her vampire husband. It sounds so ridiculous just typing that out. I like this one more than the others because the acting is somewhat decent, there is more romance, and it has some angst (Edward doesn’t want the baby, the werewolves want to kill the baby). The scene when Bella breaks her back when the baby is about to come grosses me out me every time.


6. Bridesmaids

I really don’t need to explain the plot because everyone and their mom has seen this movie, but it is a woman named Annie who becomes the maid of honor for her best friend’s wedding. This is a really funny movie with a female cast. Don’t dare call it a chick flick. It is a movie that is in your face and says “hey women are funny, jerks, and everyone is going to laugh.”

The airplane scene and the scene when they are trying on dresses are phenomenal.



5. Forrest Gump

This is probably the only classic I have on this list. This movie follows a man’s life over several decades. He has a low IQ, but he influences a lot of major events in the 20th century. He is in love with Jenny, who I hate. Jenny had a rough childhood, but I did not like the way she treated Forrest. Anyway, great movie, but super long.


4. Crazy/Beautiful

One of my favorite romantic movies. It is about a troubled teenager who is born with a silver spoon in her mouth and she falls in love with a working-class, Mexican American student who is working hard in school in order to get into the Naval Academy. The girl doesn’t give a crap about anything except for this boy who is able to get her to stop doing stupid crap. The movie is romantic I promise.


3. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

This is one of those movies that I watch every time it comes on TV. I can’t count how many times I have watched this movie.This movie is about Scott who falls in love with this girl named Romana, and he has to fight her seven evil exes. It is like a live action video game, and it is just a super fun movie to watch.


2. This Is The End

This movie is so high on the list because I have never laughed through an entire movie like I did with This Is The End. This movie is about Seth Rogen and his friends pretty much playing themselves while the world is ending.


1. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

This is a great romantic comedy about this Greek woman named Toula in her 30s who has this huge Greek family. Her father wants her to marry a nice Greek boy, but of course she doesn’t. In comes Ian, a non-Greek vegetarian. The movie is really funny and really sweet. I adore this movie so much and it never gets old. The sequel also isn’t that bad.




Honorable Mentions: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Mr and Mrs Smith, Spice World, Sex and the City: The Movie

Birthdays Are The Worst Days

I hate celebrating my birthday. It is not because I am getting older, but because I hate the attention. Also, the Happy Birthday song is one of my least favorite songs. There is the Black version of Happy Birthday that I do love. Anyway, you can hear the song below. This song was created by the great Stevie Wonder when he was trying to have the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. become a national holiday, which happened in 1983. Did you know in Virginia that MLK’s birthday was celebrated  along with the birthdays of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson until 2000? It was called Lee-Jackson-King Day. Like really Virginia? Really? Unfortunately, Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas still celebrate Lee and King’s birthday on the same day.


So, below I wanted to highlight birthday moments that I remember throughout my existence.

  • My 5th Birthday
    • This was a simple birthday. My mom invited some of my friends that lived across the street. They were never allowed in the house for some reason, but for my 5th birthday, and when their house caught on fire, they were allowed inside my house. All I remember really was hiding underneath the table when they started singing Happy Birthday.
  • My 6th Birthday
    • When I was in Kindergarten, my mom made homemade cupcakes for the class. However, there was another girl in my class who had the same birthday as me who also brought in cupcakes. Her cupcakes were from the store, but they were pretty and had little Barneys on them. Everyone in the class loved her cupcakes, and I remember a boy, I think his name was Christopher, telling me that her cupcakes were better than mine. Granted my mom’s cupcakes weren’t the prettiest, but she took the time to make those cupcakes. I was mad that they were trying to play my mom like that.
  • My 8th Birthday
    • I did pumpkin carving with some of my friends. Pumpkin carving was fun when I was younger, but it is not my jam now.
  • My 16th Birthday
    • I had a volleyball game that day. Did we win? Probably not. 
  • My 21st Birthday
    • I went to Tara Thai and had my first legal drink with my friends. They also threw me a 90s birthday party. I had enough to drink that I actually danced and everyone knows that dancing is not my favorite thing to do. It was a pretty good day, but parties are a lot of work. Probably will be my last birthday party.

  • My 22nd Birthday
    • I had a potluck at my 4th year house and then we went to the Glass Haus for some SHHO (Student Hip Hop Organization) party. One of my friends did an Irish Exit and I drove all over the place to find her because she wasn’t answering her phone. Luckily, she texted me the next morning, but I was so worried.

So, after my 22nd birthday I stopped doing things for my birthday. It is just better that way.

And if you all don’t understand the reference of the title to this blog, then you need to go back and read the blog about my top favorite songs.

I Am Thankful For…

No one likes to complain more than me. I channel my strength and power from complaining. However, a friend told me that I should be more positive. He said if I become more grateful about the things that I do have then I will have a better life or something like that. When he was talking to me about this, I could not have rolled my eyes any harder. But, what do I have to lose by being grateful, right? Sometimes I like to consider my ungratefulness as ambition because there is nothing wrong with wanting more. I do know that I am very fortunate and blessed to have the things I have. So, below is a list of things I am thankful for.

  1. For Great Parents: Shout to Momma and Daddy for always being there for me. They will do anything for me. The best example of this is when I locked my keys in my car when I was in graduate school at UVA. My parents had a spare key to my car so they drove an hour and a half to my school, rolled down the window to their car, unlocked my car without leaving their car, and drove back home. That’s love y’all.

2. For Being the Youngest Child: Thank goodness I am the youngest child. I never had to babysit and I am so thankful for that. My parents were also probably more relaxed with me than my brothers when it came to discipline. I am also thankful for having two chill older brothers.  I learned from their laid back demeanor even though I am considered to be the loudest and most opinionated person in the family. Yes y’all. I am the most talkative person in my family. Crazy, right?

3. For Growing Up in King William: King William taught me where I don’t want to live.

4. For Friends/Cousins: I am fortunate to have friends I have known since kindergarten, friends I met in college, and friends I met at work. Also, I am fortunate to have over 100 cousins, and I am close with a good chunk of them.

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5. For UVA: I almost didn’t go to UVA because I didn’t think I would fit in. Well guess what? I didn’t fit in, but I made a ton of friends and I was able to do cool stuff like go to concerts, shoot t-shirts out of a t-shirt gun, watch Obama speak, join a ton of clubs (breakdancing, ski/snowboarding, gymnastics, hip hop, volunteer), and watch D1 sports for free.

Also, at UVA I did this Red Bull competition with two other people for a chance to win a trip to Rio. We called ourselves Blazian Fusion for obvious reasons. For the competition, we had to make an original song with school supplies. We were the winning team at UVA, but didn’t get very far after that. We thought our song was great until we heard songs from other schools. It was obvious the other schools had percussionists competing (the girl in the video did play drums in high school). I did find our video, which you can watch below. I also included Ohio State’s video. I think they went pretty far in the competition and you can definitely tell the difference in skill level.



6. For a Job: Without a job, I would still be living at home with my parents. So, thanks RKG/RKG, a Merkle Company/Merkle|RKG/Merkle for hiring me. I couldn’t ask for a better work environment. The people are great and I love the casual dress code. Also, I have been able to travel all across the world because I now have money and the job offers unlimited PTO.

The only picture I have at my job was when my desk was decorated for my birthday. They wouldn’t let me grow old unnoticed.


New Fall TV Shows Review

A ton of new shows have come out this fall and I want to give a review of the new shows I have seen so far. Here is my rating system:

Gave Me Life: Fantastic show
It’s Aight: Not great, but I will keep watching
Hanging By A Thread: I will give it one more shot
Have Several Seats: This show is wack

The Good Place

This show is about a woman named Eleanor played by Kristen Bell who is mistakenly accepted into ‘The Good Place’. This show will probably not last more than one season because I don’t know how they can stretch out the story. I like the show though and I will probably keep watching as long as it is on. Plus, I am a fan of Kristen Bell so I do hope that this show isn’t a one (season) and done.

Rating: It’s Aight



This show is about Ginny who becomes the first female pitcher in the MLB. The first episode was pretty predictable, but I think it has a lot of potential and I like the concept. Also, Ginny’s relationship with her dad reminds me of how my dad was when I played sports. For softball, my dad made me practice at home after already having 2.5 hours of practice with my team. Also,  Mark-Paul Gosselaar who played Zack Morris in Saved by the Bell is in it, but is barely recognizable, which is good. I don’t want to see Zack every time I watch the show.

Rating: Gave Me Life


This Is Us

This show is about four people turning 36. Jack is a new father, Randall is looking for his father, Kate is dealing with weight issues, and Kevin is tired of his acting job. The show is both funny and serious. I didn’t watch that many episodes of Parenthood, but This Is Us has the same vibes as it. Honestly, the show had me at Milo Ventiglimia. Milo played Jess on Gilmore Girls and Jess is one of my favorite TV characters. Also, Mandy Moore is in this show, but I had no idea it was her until I looked at the cast list. And you know who else is in this show? Justin Hartley from Passions. Passions is probably the most ridiculous soap opera ever and of course I used to watch it.
Rating: Gave Me Life



This was a show that I didn’t plan on watching, but I did and it was pretty funny. It is about a family that has a teenager with cerebral palsy, a middle kid who acts older than he is, a daughter that is super athletic, a mom who is unapologetically aggressive, and a dad who is just a dad. It was surprisingly good. Like The Good Place, I don’t think it will last past season one, but I hope it does.

Rating: It’s Aight, but potential to Give Me Life



It is show about a news producer that shapes public opinion with the help from a criminal lawyer friend. I don’t know about this show. I feel like it tried too hard to be sexy, serious, and funny. But, I am intrigued enough to watch another episode.

Rating: Hanging By A Thread


Designated Survivor

When the president and other cabinet members are in one place, a Designated Survivor, usually a cabinet member, is off in an undisclosed place just in case something goes down. Well, this show is about something going down and the Designated Survivor becoming the president. I don’t typically like political dramas, and that is the only reason why I am meh about it.

Rating: Hanging By A Thread

Top 5 Trips

Below is a list of my top 5 trips. All the pictures are in slideshow format.

5. Seoul, Korea

In graduate school, there was a travel abroad component and I got to go to East Asia. I went to Tokyo, Kyoto, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. I may have been the only one on my trip that loved Seoul. Seoul wasn’t the prettiest city we visited, but the food gave me so much life. Everything was spicy and good. I had the best chicken wings ever in Korea. I didn’t get to eat as much Korean BBQ as I wanted to, which I regret so much.

I also visited the DMZ. I watched several Netflix documentaries about North Korea before my trip so I just found the whole thing fascinating. We went through tunnels that North Koreans dug underneath South Korea. And, there are probably tunnels that have yet to be discovered. Crazy!

We also went to Samsung and got free Samsung Level headphones and did a ton of cool interactive things.

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4. New York City (Part 2)

I went to New York City a few months ago with my cousin and her mom. I talked about it in an earlier post so I am just going to list some highlights.

  • Fell in love with the play Hamilton without seeing the play.
  • Saw the Color Purple. Discovered that I love Broadway
  • Beyonce!!!!! I got in formation best believe.
  • Cousin time

I never thought I wanted to live in NYC, but after that trip I am more open to it.

In the video, please excuse my cousin’s singing. She sang at the top of her lungs the whole entire Beyonce concert. If you want to see more videos of the Beyonce concert, you will have to check out my Twitter page.

3. Venice, Italy

I went to Venice with my friend that I have known since Kindergarten, and Venice was one of the most unique cities I have ever been to. You can only get through the city by either boating or walking, and the food was fantastic. I was already a big pizza and pasta person so I was in heaven. Also, you can skip the gondola ride because it isn’t worth the money in my personal opinion.

I highly recommend doing a food and wine tour. You get a little tipsy, you get a full belly, you explore the city, and you meet new people.

Going to San Marco and seeing Dodge’s Palace is a must. Breathtaking architecture.

I don’t know if I would go back to Venice because I feel like I saw everything I needed to see, but it has definitely motivated me to see more of Italy.

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2. Chicago, IL

This trip was very close to being my favorite trip of all time. I went to Chicago with a group of my college friends and it was awesome. When we got to Chicago, the first thing we smelled were hot dogs. So, we followed the smell and found a huge hot dog place called Portillo shown below. I would say eating a Chicago hot dog is more important than eating a deep dish pizza.

The highlight of the trip was going to The Second City. They do improv and sketch comedy and it was very funny. Some well known folks that did The Second City include Dan Akroyd, John Belushi, Bill Murray, Keegan Michael-Key,Tina Fey, Steve Carell, and so on. Since we had such a great experience with that improv show we decided to go to another. We read reviews for this improv show about Disney princesses all living in one house like the Real World and it was located in the underbelly of Chicago. The reviews said it was terrible and guess what? It was God-awful. I rarely use the Lord’s name in vain, but it was that bad. I never felt so awkward, yet I didn’t regret seeing it.

We also went on an architecture boat tour. Now, that is all fun and good until you realize you are on a boat tour in March in Chicago. Cold, cold, cold.

Here is a list of other stuff we did in Chicago because we did a lot:

  • Chicago Zoo- Free!!!
  • Cloud Gate or The Bean
  • Navy Pier
  • Deep Dish Pizza and UVA March Madness basketball

And to top it all off, I got stuck in the Chicago airport for five hours because it decided to snow the day I had to go back home.

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1. Paris, France

I went to Paris with the friend I also went to Venice with. We went on a European excursion to Mykonos, Venice, Barcelona, and Paris, which I probably should have explained earlier. Anyway, there was so much to see in Paris and it was just a gorgeous city. I would go back in a heartbeat. Also, shout out to the Air BnB lady who let me eat her soup and helped me use the microwave.

The highlight of the trip for me was doing a food and wine tour called Paris by Mouth. We walked to different stores to pick up food at each spot and then we ate and drank wine together with other people on the tour. All the food was good. Even the cheese and I don’t like cheese really.

We also saw the Eiffel Tower (we went all the way to the top), Notre Dame, the garden at Versailles, and the Chanel store.

I regret not going to Musée d’Orsay and the inside of the Louvre. Maybe next time.

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You Know What Grinds My Gears

I got this idea from Family Guy where Peter Griffin does a news segment saying what really grinds his gears. Here is a clip of it below:


I don’t get annoyed by a ton of things, but I am human so there are things that grinds my gears or gets my goat. This is in no particular order.

1. Chewing With Your Mouth Open

When someone chews with their mouth open, it is like nails on a chalkboard. I can’t take it, but so many people do it that it is just something I have live with.

2. Double Standards

I grew up with two older brothers and I went through my whole life saying that is not fair because my parents gave me a different set of rules because of my gender. Don’t ever start a sentence with me saying “It’s different for….”

3. Saying I’m Not Black

Please, please, please don’t tell I am not Black because I don’t act the way you think Black people should act. I am very proud of who I am so don’t deny me my culture. I think it is extremely disrespectful. Also, it is 2016 and we should be over stereotypes by now.

4. Saying I’m Not Religious

Just because I am liberal doesn’t mean I am not a religious person.

5. Saying You Don’t Like Something And You Haven’t Even Tried It

Don’t say you don’t like a certain area or a certain restaurant if you have never been to it.

6. Intolerance

If you are against a certain race, sexual orientation, religion, and so on don’t even talk to me. Facebook has become an intolerant space so I will quickly unfriend someone because of their intolerant views.

7. Saying That You Are Not A Feminist

This is the definition of feminism:

 the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

The word is not taboo. If you believe that women should have the same rights as men, then guess what? You are a feminist.

8. When Apartments Don’t Allow “Aggressive” Breeds

I do believe dogs act a certain because of their owners. I would love to own a pitbull some day, but a lot of apartments don’t allow pitbulls. I have yet to meet a pitbull that wasn’t sweet.

9. Saying That Everyone Has The Same Opportunities

Not everyone starts with the same opportunities. People who grew up in a certain family or neighborhood don’t have access to the same opportunities. The picture below explains it all.

Well I hate to end with 9, but I couldn’t think of a 10th annoyance. Luckily, ending things on a weird number doesn’t bother me.

California Love

I visited the LA area a few days ago and I had a really great time. A lot of people were saying that LA isn’t that great and blah blah blah, but it was one of my favorite trips and I have been all over the world. Anyway, I would give LA an 8 our of 10. I think it had a lot to do with us not spending a ton of time in tourist-y places.

Here are the top 3 lows and highs of the trip.

Top 3 Lows

3. The Griffith Observatory

This was a low only because it was just really crowded and we couldn’t enjoy it as much as we wanted to. Too many people can really ruin an experience.


2. The Incident

So, coming back from Joshua Tree a huge piece of wood flew into our rental car and scratched the windshield and popped out the one of the side mirrors. I was in the backseat gazing out of my window in Lala Land so I didn’t see it happen, but it made the loudest thump. It is surprising that such a heavy item blew in the middle of the road like that, but it was extremely windy. Luckily, my friend got insurance on the rental and all was well once we switched it out with another car.

1. Hollywood

Hollywood was awful and cool at the same time. It was awful because it was just so crowded and not the prettiest place to be. Also, when I was walking on the crosswalk I almost got hit by a really expensive car. I couldn’t stop laughing afterwards because I kept thinking that I almost died in Hollywood and I found that funny for some reason.

However, I did love the Chinese Theatre and I got to put my hands in Meryl Streep’s hand prints. Two thumps up for the Chinese Theatre.


Top 3 Highs

3. Good Girl Cinnamon

When we arrived at our Air BnB, there was a beware of dog sign and I was like oh no. However, when that light brown pitbull came around the corner I was in love. I wish I saved a picture of her from my Snapchat because she was so pretty. The instructions at the Air BnB said that Cinnamon was a good dog, but she was also a guard dog so it was important for us to say “Good Girl Cinnamon”. So, the whole time I kept telling my friends that I deactivated Cinnamon by saying the code phrase. It wasn’t really necessary to say it all the time, but we found it funny.

2. Channel Islands

Channel Islands National Park was beautiful. I have never seen anything so breathtaking. I saw seals, dolphins, and foxes. The water was so clear and the color of the landscape was amazing. The pictures below don’t capture the beauty of it all whatsoever.



1. Venice Beach

Venice Beach was very cool. It wasn’t as crowded as I thought it would be and the beach was pretty clean.  There was just so much going on (skate park, street performers, people doing handstands on the beach) and I loved it. It was my favorite part of the trip.


Also, shout out to Nathan and April for just being awesome.


Top 10: TV Shows

What makes a great tv show?

  • Consistency: You ever watch a great TV show and it only had one good season? (ex. Heroes). A good TV shows doesn’t necessarily have to be great from begin to end, but I shouldn’t have to feel like I am forcing myself to finish the series.
  • Characters: Characters are everything. If you don’t like the characters then you aren’t going to like the show. One exception for me is Girls. I can’t stand any of the characters. They are the most selfish human beings ever behind Don Draper (Mad Men). Maybe I only watch the show for Ray. Ray is great.
  • Pacing: You want a storyline that takes some time to get through because it wouldn’t be any fun of the twist was revealed in the first few episodes. You also don’t want to go through the entire series before the secret is revealed.
  • Writing/Dialogue
    • If the writing isn’t good, the show isn’t good.

Finally here is the list

10. The Get Down 

This is a new musical drama on Netflix  about the growth of Hip Hop in the Bronx back in the 1970s.  There is only one season so far, so it might be a little too early to say it is one of my favorite shows.  Also, the music is great on the show, which one would expect when Nas is one of the producers.


9. Orange is the New Black

This is a Netflix series about a women’s prison. The show is good because even if you don’t like the main character, Piper, there are ton of other characters to enjoy. This show has been pretty solid so far.


8. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

The theme song alone makes the show great. This another show that is on Netflix and it is about a woman named Kimmy who is trying to make it in NYC after being rescued from a cult that she was held in for 15 years. Also, this show was created by Tina Fey.


Theme Song


Peeno Noir


7. 30 Rock

Tiny Fey plays Liz Lemon in this NBC show about a sketch comedy show writer. The characters on this show are great.Not much to say about it. It is just a really funny show.

I unfortunately could not find a season 1 trailer of the show. So, here are a few of my favorite scenes. I do love the episode where she is stuck on a plane in season 5 episode 14, but I could not find any clips.


6.Jane the Virgin

This show is not as ridiculous as the name sounds. It is about a virgin who is accidentally artificially inseminated by her doctor. Stay with me guys. The show is good I promise. It parodies telenovelas and it does a very good job doing that.


5. The Office

This is a mockumentary  about employees at a paper company in Scranton. Great characters and great writing. It kind of lost its spunk towards the end, but overall still a very good show. Jim and Dwight’s relationship makes the show and since I can’t find a season 1 trailer here are clips of Jim’s pranks on Dwight.




4. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

This show is a hidden gem. I don’t know a ton of people who actually watch this series, but it won a Golden Globe for whatever that is worth. The show is a comedy about a police precinct in NYC. Another show with great characters, especially Captain Holt.


3.Game of Thrones

I mean who doesn’t know about Game of Thrones. A great story about a bunch of people trying to claim the throne. There are characters you love, characters you hate, and characters you love to hate. What makes this show so great, especially in the first few seasons, is the shock value. If you read the book then you have a good idea of what is going to happen, but for those who have not this show is full of surprises.


2.Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls is about a single mom and the close relationship she has with her daughter. What you need to know about the show is that the dialogue is really fast, Dean is the worst, Jess is awesome,  and they are doing a brand new season coming out on Netflix in November.


Trailer for the new season



I have met a handful of people who have watched this show, but it is the only good thing about Showtime. Shameless is about a family in Chicago that goes through so many issues. You will see a character grow and develop and then they would just fall right back into old habits. It is so frustrating, but honest at the same time. How many times have we all just reverted back to the same bad habits?


Honorable Mention: Nashville, Modern Family, Trueblood, Mars (Taiwanese drama), Bob’s Burgers, Laguna Beach, Awkward, Total Divas, The Goldbergs

Shows I want to see

  • Breaking Bad (finished season one)
  • Mr.Robot
  • Sons of Anarchy
  • Silicon Valley
  • Stranger Things